God Module – The Unsound Remixes (Album – Metropolis)

By Nov 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, EBM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: God Module last year unleashed the successful opus “The Unsound”, which has been now revisited by an impressive list of artists remixing most of the songs from the album. “The Unsound” was God Module’s eighth official album.

Content: From the 10 original songs of the album only 2 (cf. “Behind The Curtain” and “One Last Wish”) haven’t been remixed. We get a total of seventeen (!) remixes by Iris, Amnestic, ESA, Baby Magick, Ruined Conflict, ES23, System Syn, Wolftron, Reichsfeind, Absynthe Of Faith, “Finite Automata, Ghostfeeder, Invalid, Velvet Acid Christ, Funker Vogt, Aircrash Bureau and Rodney Anonymous.

The selection of remixers is pretty diversified resulting in a true sonic cocktail. It’s pretty surprising to hear God Module being remixed by Iris for example. But I can also mention the heavier and industrial work by Amnestic and the melancholic Pop of System Syn. The album ends with heavy dance cuts by Funker Vogt and Aircrash Bureau.

+ + + : It’s cool to nearly get all songs from the album being remixed. It creates a cool diversity and I’m sure we all will find some favorite cuts. I have to mention ES23 transforming “Cross My Heart” into a powerful, melodic edit. Funker Vogt did a great job remixing “Unconscious” while I also have to mention “Déjà vu” remixed by Aircrash Bureau. Ruined conflict is another great name and the remix of “Display” definitely belongs to the best of this opus. So in the end it’s quite interesting to see that some of the best songs from the original album didn’t become my favorites now.

– – – : When you get 17 remixes you for sure will always have a few forgettable ones; some of the less famous artists unfortunately also deliver the less inspired remixes.

Conclusion: This album is a perfect item for die-hard fans and DJ’s, but I still prefer the original album.

Best songs: “Cross My Heart – ES23 Remix”, “Unconscious – Funker Vogt Remix”, “Display – Ruined Conflict Remix”, “Déjà Vu – Aircrash Bureau Remix”;

Rate: (7½).

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