God Body Disconnect – The Depths Of Finality (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Nov 29,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Behind God Body Disconnect is hailing American artist Bruce Moallem who this year released his fourth full-length solo-album by Cryo Chamber. Music has always been a kind of mirror to express the artist’s emotions. This work has been introduced as his most personal work to date coming after a hard period of sickness, hospitalizations and the shadow of death…

Content: I can’t say that the album feels to me as the most personal and/or intimate production composed by Bruce Moallem, but it definitely appears to be one of his most versatile works. Some tracks are extremely dark, obscure and even tormented while others feel like an enlightening and dreamy voyage. This way it might be understood as an exposure of death and life… the darkness moving towards the light. From monstrous voice effects towards the feeling of getting surrounded by stars, the composing is bringing extremes together. Among the relaxing cuts there’s this surprising last song played by guitar.

+ + + : God Body Disconnect has accomplished a fine cohesion between multiple field recordings and dark sonic manipulations accentuated by ghost-like atmospheres and monstrous voice effects. This sound creates a visual appeal getting me the illusion of entering the gate of afterlife. But there’s an interesting duality running through the work, which has been created by several, totally relaxing pieces. There’s no real hostility in the atmosphere, but an imaginary invitation to embrace life. That’s at least how I understood the work this artist has accomplished by once again expressing his deepest thoughts throughout creative impulses.

– – – : I can’t say this is my favorite album from God Body Disconnect as I prefer previous, darker productions, but I definitely feel a real emotional content coming through.

Conclusion: This is an album reminding us all music and artistic creation in general, remains one of the best therapies in life. This is an exit to hard reality!

Best songs: “The Fear Of Deliverance”, “Through The Old Mirror”, “We All Turn To Stars”.

Rate: (7).




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