Glass Apple Bonzai – Night Maze (CD Album – Razgrom Music)

By Apr 11,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Glass Apple BonzaiBackground/Info: We here welcome a Canadian solo-project set up by Daniel X. Belasco. You might have heard of this artist who was involved in Defence Mechanism, which is a band I discovered on Danse Macabre. Belasco defines his music as ‘one part synth disco dancefloor and another part 1980’s crime drama soundtrack’. “Night Maze” is the 2nd album by the band.

Content: The main influences running through the work are clearly getting back to 80s electro-pop music. The sweeps and global treatments have this exciting retro-touch although I can’t speak about a cheap emulation.

Glass Apple Bonzai takes care to refine its work by styled arrangements and fascinating sonic atmospheres. The last song reveals a kind of saxophone passage, which also was a familiar sound during the 80s. The vintage touch of the work is quite noticeable and mixed with a passionate vocal production.

+ + + : “Night Maze” definitely appeals for electro-pop lovers, but is not a classical production in the genre. There’s a nice twist between retro influences and a refreshing input.

– – – : The work is an easy listening experience, but I’m missing a few highlights.

Conclusion: Glass Apple Bonzai clearly strives to create a personal electro-pop sound, which for sure is the main strength of the album, but results in an average release thus far.

Best songs: “The Stars”, “I Can’t Feel”.

Rate: (6).

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