Funker Vogt – Feel The Pain (CD EP – RepoRecords)

By Nov 21,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: One year after the “Code Of Conduct”-album, which stand for the band’s resurrection featuring their new singer Chris L (Agonoize, The Sexorcist, Dance Or Die, Darkness On Demand), the German master of dark-electronics is back on track. “Feel The Pain” is a teaser announcing the new full length.

Content: This EP features 2 edits from the title song, a B-side cut and 2 reworked old ‘anthems’ of the band. “Feel The Pain” sounds in the purest Funker Vogt tradition with an extra melodic touch on top. “Der Letzte Kampf” is more than simply a B-side track and sounds hard and merciless, this time with German vocals.

“Funker Vogt 2nd Unit” and “Gunman” both are Funker Vogt hits, which have been refreshed, reboosted and featuring their new singer on vocals.

+ + + : “Feel The Pain” is melodic and danceable title track, which will for sure get people dancing. I personally prefer the harder and merciless “Der Letzte Kampf”, which sounds like Gerrit Thomas on his best. Together with the reworked ‘old’ hits, this EP serves as a strong appetizer to welcome the “Wastelands”-album.

– – – : We already discovered Chris L on the previous album. Even if he’s a great singer for this kind of music I realize –and I’m only speaking for myself, it takes time to forget the natural charisma of Jens Kästel –and especially on both reworked songs.

Conclusion: “Feel The Pain” is exactly what you might expect from an EP; a cool title song, a solid B-side cuts and nice little extras. Up to “Wastelands”!

Best songs: “Der Letzte Kampf”, “Feel The Pain – Extended Version”, “Funker Vogt 2nd Unit – Neumix”, “Gunman – Neumix”.

Rate: (8).

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