Frau Fleischer release new single/official video ‘Baby I’m Free’

By Jun 15,2021

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Frau Fleischer release new single/official video'Baby I'm Free'

Out via Sliptrick Records is the new single / official video for the industrial metal act Frau Fleischer.

“Baby I’m Free” is the second single from the first Frau Fleischer album and comes right after the first single “Sacrifice”.

Says the band in a reaction: “This is a hymn to freedom, to the possibility of being and achieving whatever we want, of thinking and looking in our own perfect way and to be as sexual as we want without needing to justify for anything and to nobody. It represents the difficult and hurtful run we do to silence those voices in our minds that try to push us away from our goals, but that run is a dance we love to do, because we stopped caring about things that don’t belong to us anymore and gave ourselves that kindness we deserve.”

The Official Lyrics Video was written by Gabriel Daimon and Lavinia Andreini, directed by Lavinia Andreini and shot by Lavinia Andreini and Michele Celli.

Frau Fleischer are Gabriel Daimon (vocals), Gregory Lambert (guitar), Franz Schultz (electronics).


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