Franck Vigroux – Totem (CD Album – Aesthetical)

By Jun 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, minimal-electronics.

Background/Info: While most of us already know French artist Franck Vigroux for years now, Aesthetical is a totally unknown label. It’s a new label and sub-division of the leading dark-ambient label Cyclic Law. “Totem” is ‘reflecting on ancient culture’s use and reverence for emblematic monuments which most often represent myths and stories, the album’s narrative has been infused with such symbolic and depicts an envisioned mythology, unfolding through its 10 aural pieces’. “Totem” is available as CD and double vinyl format while you of course will also find it on digital platforms.  

Content: Franck Vigroux remains a unique sound experience. His work is mixing different genres, but he also likes to switch from one album to the other. “Totem” covers ambient-noise, minimal-electronics, pure experimental exposures and a few more influences for the ride. Irregular rhythms, ghost-like atmospheres, industrial sound treatments, aggressive blasting sequences and fuzzy guitar play can be all noticed at “Totem”. 

+ + + : If there’s one avant-garde artist I would think about it would be for sure Franck Vigroux. This artist has something visionary, but his newest work especially gives me the impression of an album which is ‘breaking the codes’. He’s mixing different influences and all the tracks appear to be inspired by other elements. I like the more minimal-electro cuts such as “Capaupire” and “Rhinocéros”, but I also enjoy the impressive, blasting sound manipulations emerging from “Télévision”.

– – – : Some experimental passages are less accessible so I’m less convinced by tracks such as “Cris” and “Tropiques”.

Conclusion: Don’t ask me why, but Franck Vigroux’ “Totem” makes me think to one of the masters from the Dadaist movement, Marcel Duchamp! It’s weird and feels a bit like ‘recycled music’ which in the end creates a new dimension. 

Best songs: “Rhinocéros”, “Capaupire”, “Chronostasis Grand Finale”.

Rate: (7½).

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