Coàgul & Escama Serrada – Sub Luna Regis (CD Album – Grabaciones Sentimentales)

By Jun 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Ritual-electro, experimental, industrial.

Background/Info: “Sub Luna Regis” resulted from the common efforts between two Spanish –or should I’ve to say Catalan artists, Marc O’Callaghan (Coàgul) and Sergio Méndez (Escama Serrada). Both projects –but especially Coàgul, have already released multiple productions and seem to like working with other artists.

Content: “Sub Luna Regis” clearly reveals two different sides. There’s a ritual-like approach, which is composed with electronics, industrial sound treatments and multiple ritual elements like bells, spoken-like vocals and also a passage with esoteric-like chants, slow and repetitive percussion and a dark, overwhelming atmosphere. The other side is more into pure sound experimentalism.

+ + + : The electro-ritual approach emerging from several songs is absolutely great and original. There’s a refreshing touch in this work, which is accomplished with cool sound treatments. The Spanish spoken-like vocals are adding a mysterious and obscure touch to the work and only accentuate the ritual character of the work. You get the impression of being part of a secret rite. I also enjoy the minimalism these tracks have been made with. “El Nostre Món” is a real great song in the genre.

– – – : I’m not convinced by the more experimental cuts, which sometimes sound like simply experimenting with analogue machines.

Conclusion: “Sub Luna Regis” brings different alternative music genres together. It’s a great and creative work, which mainly excels in ritual electronics. This is an album to look out for!

Best songs: “Per Transcendir La Dualitat”, “El Nostre Món”, “Avis De Visita”, “Els Regnes Subllunars”.

Rate: (7½).

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