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Following your band on an international tour? Here is what you should know

By Dec 17,2018

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Following your band on an international tour

It is not always easy to be a fan, especially if you are incredibly passionate about your favorite band. While you can enjoy a lot of its concerts that take place in your country, you may feel the need to see it perform abroad sometimes. That is easy enough as long as you find tickets, but there are many things to learn before you go on an international tour. Especially if you do it for the very first time.

Be prepared for the costs

Following your band in a foreign country is not exactly cheap. If you find more fans and you split the costs, it may become affordable. At best. Even so, hotels, flight tickets, the concert tickets themselves, plus many other things like food, drinks, and whatever you need during your trip, they all add up to a very nice sum. At the same time, do not forget that you may need documentation as well. A passport may be required.Depending on where the concert is, you may need a visa. See if you can get it online.I am not saying all that to discourage you, but to make you aware of the fact that such a trip may dig a significant hole in your budget.

You may be tempted to overthink things

If you travel alone to see your favorite band, you may feel a bit inadequate when you get to the concert. There are a lot of people there, but trust me, none of them are interested in you. They are all there to listen to music. Nothing more. You should not think about stuff that is more likely to kill your mood. Instead, enjoy the music and keep in mind that almost nobody will notice you.

You should make friends

In case you decide to travel to the concert alone, some friends may improve your experience. Not to mention that making friends at concerts and music festivals is a piece of cake. After all, you have at least one thing in common. The band itself. It should be an easy road from there. Friends will also make you feel safer. Trust me.

Stay safe

This may be the most important thing you need to learn. Especially if you go to the concert on your own. One good tip that should help you stay safe is to always be on the move. If you fear that someone may be onto you, you can move around from one place to the other. That way, you will never give the impression that you have nobody to accompany you. Also, if you have a conversation with someone and they ask you whether you are alone or not, be creative. Make up a story that you need to meet up with your friends or that you are looking for someone. That way, no one will know your circumstances. But then again, the best way to be safe at concerts is to have real friends that share the experience with you.

The tips above are just a small fraction of the things you will learn. You will discover most of them when you actually travel abroad for a concert of your favorite band. You will sometimes fail, but that should not make you feel bad. We have all been through bad experiences as such events, but we learned and moved forward. And so will you. Until then, all that matter is for you to be safe and have a good time.


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