Feu Follet – La Forêt Oubliée (Album – Blackjack Illuminist Records)

By Jul 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, electro-wave, psychedelic, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette.

Background/Info: Alban Blaising active under the Feu Follet moniker released last year his debut album on Blackjack Illuminist Records. He now strikes back with a new album, which is also available as comic book format. The work indeed has something of a conceptual work based upon the story of a boy discovering a mysterious tombstone in an ancient forest.

Content: It’s hard to compare this album to the previous one. “Le Champ Des Morts” had something hesitant, like a musician in search of his sound. He in a way has found a sonic path at this album, which is pretty ambient/soundtrack driven while recovered with psychedelic parts, but still darker passages. I also noticed a few more sensitive elements.

+ + + : I like the concept of the album. There’s an interesting story behind, which inspired the artist to compose his music. You rapidly feel this soundtrack approach resulting in some elaborated songs with delicate sound treatments. The song “La Disparition” is a remarkable track illustrating this delicacy.

– – – : I know soundtrack-inspired music doesn’t need vocals and/or spoken samplings, but I sometimes get the feeling this is exactly what the album is missing. The work sounds more credible than the debut album, but I still get the impression the artist remains in search of his own style. This kind of production however needs to get accompanied with a visual content to reveal its real potential.

Conclusion: It’s hard to say of I prefer this new work instead of the debut work, but Feu Follet doesn’t impress me thus far.

Best songs: “La Disparition”, “L’Enfant”.

Rate: (6).





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