Ethan Fawkes – Raving Is Still Alive (Digital EP – Herr Zimmerman)

By Sep 16,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, retro-techno.

Background/Info: 2017 is a real prolific year for Ethan Fawkes. The Belgian artist is releasing new EP’s on regular basis.

Content: “Raving Is Still alive” sounds as a little wink to the glorious days of ‘dance’-music. It reminds me of the powerful techno-rave productions, which especially in Belgium got really famous. The title song has this retro-feeling, which especially comes through by a solid lead reminding me of early Lords Of Acid.

Remixes have been done by Fraulein Z, Luke Riga and Outlander.

+ + + : Ethan Fawkes is an artist that doesn’t really repeat himself. He remains driven by the flame of techno music, but each new production has a different focus. He now embarks on a trip to the past, bringing the early days of ‘dance’ alive. The song and remixes are filled with multiple retro elements. I especially enjoyed the remix of Outlander, but the other ones are still recommended and diversified.

– – – : This kind of retro techno-trip sounds a bit as a challenge or just nostalgia. I guess it’s more a kind of dream the artist wanted to realize. It could have been fun asking a producer from that period to make a remix.

Conclusion: Ethan Fawkes transforms himself into a time-traveler getting us back to late 90s dance movement! It’s nothing new although a cool trip!

Best songs: “Raving Is Still Alive – Outlander Remix”, “Raving Is Still Alive”.

Rate: (7).

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