Ethan Fawkes – Cruel And Alone (Digital EP – I-Traxx Red Edition)

By Sep 15,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, techno-body music.

Background/Info: This Belgian artist is releasing new EP’s on regular basis. He now strikes back with the song “Cruel And Alone” plus 9 remixes.

Content: Ethan Fawkes is often composing on the edge of techno and EBM. “Cruel And Alone” sounds a bit more techno-like than what I’m used to hearing from the artist. The song is however characterized by a surprising vocals production creating an effect of 2 singers while it only is Ethan himself.

Remixes have been made by Marika Rossa, Horacio Cruz, D’Arcangelo, Fabrice Torricella, Chit Chat Sex Band, A.L.F., 2XNI, The Dark Robot and Entropy Frequency.

+ + + : Ethan Fawkes makes no real compromises, but simply produces the stuff he likes. He’s now walking at the paths of techno music although mixed with dark elements. The main characteristic of this EP consists of the many remixes by less familiar artists –except if you’re an expert in techno music. Some of those artists have gained a serious reputation in the scene while others are pretty underground-like. It however features a great diversity transforming “Cruel And Alone” into new dimensions.

– – – : This is the kind of EP which will ravish the die-hard fans of Ethan Fawkes and for sure the DJ’s who’ll get a nice selection of remixes. Speaking for myself I’m not that convinced by the title song; the kick sounds pretty compressed while the vocals feel a bit strange.

Conclusion: I’ve already heard much better work from Ethan Fawkes so this is in my humble opinion not directly a work I would recommend, but at the other side I have to say this is an artist who’s not repeating himself!

Best songs: “Cruel And Alone – Marika Rossa Remix”, “Cruel And Alone – Entropy frequency Remix”, “Cruel And Alone – Horacio Cruz Remix”.

Rate: (6½).

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