Escupemetralla – Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad (CD Album – Novak)

By Apr 27,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial.

Background/Info: Escupemetralla was mainly active during the 80s and 90s. As a kind of testimony to their industrial sound Novak released back in 2017 the album “Poison Of Dead Sun In Your Brain Slowly Fading”. This album has something conceptual as it’s inspired by the ‘story of three baptized girls curiously named Faith, Hope and Charity, which was published in a newspaper of the province Ciudad Real at the beginning of the 20th Century’.

Content: This work is more diversified than its predecessor although holding on similar influences. The sound is mixing pure experimental passages with industrial influences. The analogue sound treatments are once again a noticeable element running through the work. One of the most surprising cuts is “Raspas Mi Orpón En Urano?” for the sampled passages from Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s mega-hit “Relax”. Some parts of Holly Johnson’s vocals have been sampled and mixed with pure industrial loops.

+ + + : The album is varied so it’s easier to find songs fitting with your own taste. My personal favorite one is “Pasteleria Industrial” for its groovy and somewhat sexy-industrial format, which is carried by a dubby-like cadence. One thing is for sure, Escupemetralla has a proper sound, which often reflects the early years of industrial/experimental music. That’s not really surprising as they started making music back in the 80s. The analogue electronics also inject a nice retro-feeling.

– – – : I’m not a huge fan of the long experimental passages emerging from a few tracks.

Conclusion: “ Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad” is covering different influences, but the industrial sound remains the basis of the album. This is industrial music with a retro feeling. I however preferred the previous work.

Best songs: “Pasteleria Industrial”, “An Der Urania”, “Holy Conception”, “Raspas Mi Orpón En Urano?”.

Rate: (6½).



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