Enzo Kreft – Turning Point (CD Album – Enzo Kreft)

By Feb 22,2017

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, electro-wave.

Background/Info: Enzo Kreft (real name Eric Vandamme) is a Belgian artist who was mainly active during the 80s. The recently released vinyl “Dark Matter” (on Walhalla Records) was an interesting look back on the artist’s early work. Enzo Kreft is now definitely back from an endless hibernation releasing new work.

Content: “Turning Point” is pure electro-minimalism. The sound and influences instantly remind me to the 80s, which remain the main source of inspiration for this artist. From the old rhythm-box sound to heavenly synth parts reminding me of Gary Numan to other tracks evoking Fad Gadget influences, this artist brings the truly and single spirit of the 80s back to life. The songs are melodic and yet cold and somewhat sterile. The final part reveals some softer cuts.

+ + + : Enzo Kreft is not emulating early 80s bands, he simply belongs to this golden decade. This is an artist who definitely will bring you back to the golden years of electro-wave music and I especially like the kind of Fad Gadget-approach, which mainly comes through on “Hypnotized”. This is the kind of production that might appeal to a wider number of 80s fans and other freaks of minimal-electronics. There are a several cool songs on this album!

– – – : My only regret is the final part of the album, which is a bit softer and less inspired by the magic spirit of the 80s. I’m missing a climax here.

Conclusion: Enzo Kreft is an artist deserving your attention. This musician knows the right formula and has the right equipment to compose a perfect 80s electro-wave sound canvas. Welcome back Enzo Kreft!

Best songs: “I Am The Cockroach”, “Hypnotized”, “You Better Sleep With One Eye Open”, “We’re Breaking Out”.

Rate: (7½).




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