Electrosexual – Silver Soul (Digital EP – Rock Machine Records)

By Sep 14,2015

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Genre/Influences: Techno-pop.

ElectrosexualContent: Last year Electrosexual released its official debut album “Art Support Machine”, which I think we might say was a kind of consecration in the already wide discography of this French project.
“Silver Soul” was not exactly the kind of song of the album I was expecting to hear as title song for an EP. The “Fetish”-EP was definitely a more judicious choice and also more representatives for the minimal- and analogue electro style of this band.

The “Single Mix”, which is quite close to the original version reveals a kind of hidden side of Electrosexual or just an experiment in a less minimal technoid way. The main characteristic of this track is that it really sounds faithful to what I would call a traditional song structure. It for sure sounds electronic and somewhat in between techno and pop music, but the vocals remain pretty surprising.

There’s a real elaborate text sung by Romain Frequency. I like most of the releases from this talented artist/producer, but “Silver Soul” left me rather skeptical.

Both remixes by Theatre Of Delays and MelanoBoy sound a bit more club-like, but I here again I wasn’t totally convinced. I however have a preference for the remix by Berliner based project Theatre Of Delays, which comes closer to the real electro-vintage spirit Electrosexual is part of. The Parisian project MelanoBoy injects a somewhat sensual touch to the song, which also appears to be more down-tempo as well.

Conclusion: “Silver Soul” reveals another side of Electrosexual and diversity of the project. I see it as an opportunity to get back to the album “Art Support Machine”, which reveals more convincing songs.

Best songs: “Silver Soul – Theatre Of Delays Mix”.

Rate: (DP:6)DP.

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