Doors In The Labyrinth – The Sound Of Her Wings (CD EP – Gnarphlager Records)

By Oct 14,2016

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, gothic, psychedelic, soundtrack.

Doors In The LabyrinthBackground/Info: Doors In The Labyrinth is a solo-project driven by Josh Loughrey. He gained some experience and name as a film-composer and multi-instrumentalist. Loughrey is inspired by muany bands and genres. He already released a few previous releases under the Doors In The Labyrinth moniker.

This EP looks more like a mini-album featuring 5 songs.

Content: The opening cut is a rather mysterious and somewhat Dead Can Dance influenced piece of music featuring male vocals. The next tracks move in new-wave inspired music and are carried by 80s like, mewing guitar parts, which will for sure remind me of some famous new-wave formations.

The sound is more a kind of music to listen to, which must be for sure inspired by the film-composer career of the artist. It’s a doomy new-wave format with evasive passages. Some of the arrangements are a little bit bombast while the work also reveals some psychedelic passages.

The vocals move in between spooky, somewhat whispering passages and more passionate parts.

+ + + : Doors In The Labyrinth might be inspired by famous new-wave bands, but doesn’t sound at all like a copyist. I like the personal approach and gothic interpretation, which is carried by soundtrack inspiration. It’s not exactly the kind of music leading me into ecstasy, but there are some really beautiful songs featured.

– – – : I get the impression that this is not the kind of music that has been composed for ‘wider masses’. It sounds more intimate and therefore maybe not accessible for a wider audience. The EP features cool songs, but unfortunately no real climax.

Conclusion: “The Sound Of Her Wings” stands for a moody and melancholic voyage made of new-wave/gothic inspired elements on one side and wafting, soundtrack passages on the other. This is dark music to relax to.

Best songs: “The Sound Of Her Wings”, “The Garden In Vastarien”.

Rate: (6½).

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