DJ Hidden – Directive (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)

By Nov 25,2015

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Genre/Influences: D’n’b, IDM, industrial.

DJ HiddenContent: Noël Wessels is a prolific and involved artist who’s mainly known for music projects like The Outside Agency and DJ Hidden while he’s still running Genosha Recordings.

Wessels strikes back under the DJ Hidden moniker with the 4th full length of this d’n’b inspired project. Noël Wessels is an experienced and talented musician/producer in the genre, but also one of the creative and visionary souls in d’n’b. His sound is accomplished by numerous little details and sound manipulations, revealing an open-minded view in composing music. That’s the reason why the work of DJ Hidden, and especially the new album, includes so many different ingredients.

“Directive” sounds clearly carried by a solid d’n’b input, but is still visiting sophisticated IDM arrangements, harsh and cold industrial treatments and even a kind of hardcore-techno input. All influences together create a real compact and diversified work, which remains driven by a furious cadence and enormous blasting sounds. Another interesting element is the kind of fragmented vocal parts you can hear on a few cuts. It sounds a bit like rap and creates a perfect match with the sound.

The composition once again reveals an interesting and avant-garde vision of music and d’n’b, but it’s mainly accomplished by a genius and outstanding production work. Just pay attention to the power emerging from the first kick you’ll hear to realize the strength and professionalism of this producer. This is what I would call excellent studio-work resulting in a perfect mix and mastering.

“Directive” features 12 tracks, which from start on is fascinating for its great sound and production. The take off “Once Upon A Time In Porto” is not a kind of intro or warm-up, but a heavy bouncing piece, which brings you straight into the essence of this work. The work is amazing from start till the end, but especially in the final part where the most noticeable cuts are hiding. “The Hour” is a terrific piece of music, which features rapper MC Coppa.

Conclusion: Twelve songs of pure energy and sonic lust revealing the endless inspiration of DJ Hidden. Brilliant!

Best songs: “The Hour”, “Once Upon A Time In Porto”, “Poltergeist”, “Canadian Dropzone”, “Street Control”.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.


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