Diorama returns with 10th album ‘Tiny Missing Fragments’

By Sep 9,2020

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Diorama returns with 10th album'Tiny Missing Fragments'

Out on Accession Records by end of next month is “Tiny missing Fragments”, the 10th studio album of the darkwwave act Diorama. On their new album, Diorama decided to dump the ‘classic’ electro arrangements and go for – and we quote – “glitch beats, complex loops and atmospheric density”.

The album was recorded and produced single-handedly by Torben Wendt and Felix Marc. The album release will be accompanied by a number of digital singles and video material.

10 albums in 24 years

Diorama was founded in 1996 as a musical project of Torben Wendt. His music was soon picked up by Adrian Hates of Diary of Dreams, who together with Rainer Assmann (Daf/ Fad Gadget) helped recording a debut-album “Pale” in 1999.

In 2000, Felix Marc joined Diorama as a keyboard player, co-producer and backing vocalist. The second album “Her Liquid Arms” was released in April 2001. The second album was followed by club-oriented single “Device” later that year. Bassist Bernard Le Sigue joined the band the following year, and together with Torben and Felix saw the release of the third album, named “The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits” in October 2002.

After a long break and another addition to the band’s line-up (guitar player Sash Fiddler joining in 2003), the fourth album “Amaroid” was released in April 2005. In October 2005, Diorama released two more albums: a re-release of their first album “Pale”, with three new songs (“Don’t Be There”, “You and Ice” and “Crop of Illusions”); and “Re-Pale” – a collection of new versions of earlier songs, remixes and some previously unreleased songs.

At the end of 2006, Bernard Le Sigue left the band. On 23 February 2007, a new single was released: “Synthesize Me”, a prelude for the next album, which was released 4 weeks later: “A Different Life”. “Cubed” was their seventh studio album (released on 19 March 2010).

2 more albums followed: “Even the Devil Doesn’t Care” (2013) and “Zero Soldier Army” (2016).



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