Dimitri Berzerk – Resist EP Remixes (EP – Sector Industrial Producciones)

By May 15,2021

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Body-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This EP is an addition to the “Resist”-EP by Dimitri Berzerk. “Resist” has been released in different formats, this extra EP bringing all different remixes together as a kind of compilation.

Content: The EP features a total amount of 20 songs including the 6 remixes from the download card, which was available together with the vinyl format. You’ll get 10 edits of the “Ctrl+Als+Del”-song, which clearly is the ‘hit’ of Dimitri Berzerk featuring Claus Larsen as the singer. The song remains driven by a solid EBM bass line and a catchy chorus with passionate vocals on top.

Remixes have been made by Neuvision, Die-Go, Hooverlordz, cid project, SFX DJ, Fire Walkers, Rebel Empire, Substaat, FortLeben (3x), Larva + JP90, Dramatic, Delectro, Judas 12, Eloquent, Rasec, Neroconcret, JP90 and Delete.

+ + + : It’s especially cool to get the remixes from the download card of the vinyl now released on CD. I still like the main song of the EP, which is a true sonic fusion between classical EBM and a catchy chorus. There’s real chemistry between Dimitri Berzerk and Claus Larsen. Among the different remixes I once again salute the great job done by Cid Project who injected a terrific extra sound to the song while the Cold-Wave and totally reworked edit by Dramatic is phenomenal.

– – – : I’m still not convinced by a few songs like the cover version of Nena and the song “Endurance” although there are worse B-sides.

Conclusion: “Resist” has been released in all imaginable formats –maybe except cassette, so time for another great work by Dimitri Berzerk!

Best songs: “Ctrl+Alt+Del – Cid Project Remix”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del – Dramatic Rework”,  “Ctrl+Alt+Del – Orange Sector Remix”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del – C-Lekktor Remix”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del – Neuvision Remix”.

Rate: (8).


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