Did you get Die Sector’s newest single ‘These Broken Shields’ already?

By Jan 19,2016

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Did you get Die Sector's newest single'These Broken Shields' already?

As the final flourish of the Indiegogo campaign for Die Sektor’s US Tour (where the campaign reached it’s $6,000 USD target), DWA launched the brand new single “This Broken Shield”. We especially liked this one and thought it deserved some extra attention.

“This Broken Shield” comes in 3 paid formats at various price points via DWA’s storefront on Bandcamp.

  • Ultra-limited edition of x20 copies on lathe-cut 10″ vinyl, b-side = another brand new and previously unreleased Die Sector track “This Shattered Sword”
  • Massive 36 minute 6-track CD EP in card wallet featuring both “This Shattered Sword” and a further 4 remixes from Chainreactor, Seraphim System, Wychdoktor and Faults (the new project of The.Invalid) – limited edition of 200 copies
  • 6-track digital EP

Track list “This Broken Shield” (10″ lathecut vinyl version)

  1. This Broken Shield
  2. This Shattered Sword

Track list “These Broken Shields” (limited CD or digital)

  1. This Broken Shield
  2. This Broken Shield (CHAINREACTOR Remix)
  3. This Broken Shield (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix)
  4. This Broken Shield (FAULTS Remix)
  5. This Broken Shield (WYCHDOKTOR Remix)
  6. This Shattered Sword



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