Diagnostic – Repercussions (CD Album – Jezgro)

By Feb 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial, noise

Background/Info: Behind Diagnostic is hiding Jan Robbe, who you maybe know from his involvement with Frame Of Mind. Diagnostic is his debut work released on the Serbian label Jezgro (set up by Ontal-member Darko Kolar).

Content: “Repercussions” features 12 songs plus 6 remixes. The work is mixing an impressive number of music styles, but in the end it mainly sounds experimental-like. There also is a fascination for sound manipulation, which often leads into explicit noise atmospheres. You get the impression the musician has found a sonic platform to exorcize all kinds of music fantasies.

Two remixes have been made by Syyt while the others are from Aethereal Arthropod, Katran, K.K. Null while there also is an extra remix of the title track. 

+ + + : If you like experimental music, which is mainly driven by noise and industrial you’re probably going  to like this work. The mix between different genres is interesting, but more interesting is the impressive sound arsenal used by Jan Robbe. I’ve a little preference for one of the most accessible cuts (cf. “Cyberclub II”), which is merged with some techno influences. The remix of “Sacrifice System” by Syyt is another cool cut. 

– – – : This album is pretty complex and accessible because of the endless intermix of genres.

Conclusion: This is an album that will mainly catch the attention of experimental music freaks and lovers of improvisation.

Best songs: “Cyberclub II”, “Repercussions”, “Sacrifice Systems – Syyt Remix”.

Rate: (6).




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