Stereo_IMG – Generation Of Gods (EP – North Of Nowhere Records)

By Jan 30,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Techno, Industrial, Experimental, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Stereo_IMG is a solo-project driven by Canadian artist Patrick Haggart. He released already a few EP’s and now strikes back with this new work, which is more a kind of mini-album featuring six songs.

Content: Patrick Haggart has some experience with soundtrack music and that’s an aspect emerging at some tracks in the end of the EP. “Generation Of Gods” first of all is a true sonic exorcism or symbiosis between different influences. From harder, Industrial sounds with ghost-like voices and menacing atmospheres to pure Experimental and Ambient music, this work has a lot to offer.

+ + + : The work is characterized by diversity, but the common element is the great production work. Stereo_IMG reveals efficient sound treatments, but also finds a way to intermix different influences. My favorite cut “Apotheosis” sounds like an appropriate title for this sonic mix; danceable rhythms and repetitive loops with an intriguing sound atmosphere on top. There also is something to say about both last tracks, which are more into an explicit Cinematographic style.

– – – : Diversity is great, but maybe a little bit confusing as in the end it might give you the illusion listening to a compilation instead of one artist. 

Conclusion: Stereo_IMG is building imaginary sonic bridges between different music styles.

Best songs: “Apotheosis”, “Genetic Error”.

Rate: (7).




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