Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – The Cosmic Trigger: Retriggered (Album – WKN)

By Mar 23,2020

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Genre/Influences: Rock-wave, electronics, minimal-electronics, psychedelic-rock.

Format: Digital, CD, vinyl.

Background/Info: This album was originally released in 2013 by WKN. According to mastermind Albin Julius, the “Retriggered”-edit ‘is the remix material done by Geoffroy Delacroix (Dernière Volonté) given away as a bonus CD with copies of the original album, now remastered and re-recorded’. The artwork is a little bit different while the tracklist is different from the original edit. Notice by the way Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal) played bass guitar on this album while Edward Ka-Spel was invited as guest contributor;

Content: I experienced this album as one of the most accessible ones in the band’s history. It’s hard to label the sound because the songs resulted from a phenomenal mix between different influences and styles. The tracks are moving from rock & wave music towards minimal-electro. Some parts make me think of an electronic version of The Stooges while some lyrical parts seem to have inspired Deutsch Nepal on his latest album. One thing is for sure, this “Retriggered”-version is without a shadow of a doubt the most electro-minimal work I’ve ever heard from Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand.

+ + + :. I like the minimalism emerging from the songs. There also is a cool 80s touch hanging over the tracklist. It reveals this project under a different perspective while the production stands for refinement and a real subtle approach. The production of the vocals is great and has something intriguing. This album even feels a bit as something unique in its style!

– – – : There’s just one cut, which sounds a bit as unaccomplished (cu; “Hold On”) while I can easily imagine some die-hard fans will find this work too electronic-minded.

Conclusion: The least I can say is that this ‘re-triggered’ version injects a new breath into the original album!

Best songs:  “Sacred Mountain”, “Cosmic Trigger mk2”, “Flying Through The Exit”, “Follow Us Instead”, “The Cosmic Trigger”.

Rate: (8).

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