Deison / Mingle – Innersurface (CD Album – St.An.Da)

By Aug 24,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract, ambient.

Background/Info: “Innersurface” is a new collaboration between Italian composers Cristiano Deison (Deison) and Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle).

Content: If you’re not familiar with the composition of both artists, and you’re in search of ‘new’ music horizons mixing experimentalism with sound intelligence, this is definitely an album that might catch your attention.

Both protagonists are mixing different electronic- and noise sources together. It creates a vintage, analogue effect reinforced by some field recordings. Somewhat into industrial music, but always characterized by truly experimental treatments, “Innersurface” has been accomplished with an impressive sound canvas. There also is a more soundtrack part running through the album revealing the diversity of the work.

+ + + : Deison & Mingle are truly sound architects. They’re decomposing and recomposing sounds with endless treatments, studio effects and feel driven by the simply passion of creation. It’s an original release carried by endless creativity, but still revealing a refreshing and mainly accessible experimental format. I also enjoyed the atmospheric side of the work.

– – – : Diversity definitely is one of the main adjectives coming into mind when evoking this work, but I have to admit I’m not convinced by all the influences. The somewhat cinematographic part is one of the less convincing ones. I can imagine the experimental approach of some tracks will not convince a wider audience, but Deison & Mingle aren’t clearly conceived to seduce wide masses…

Conclusion: The main success of this work is the complementarity between both artists. It feels like they’re composing music for years together and I can only encourage them to move on! This is experimental music with a real artistic and visionary attitude!

Best songs: “Hole”, “Toxin”, “Meltdown”, “Petrolio”.

Rate: (8).

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