Celluloide – Futur Antérieur (Album – BOREDOMproduct)

By Mar 6,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info : Five years have passed since the previous Celluoide-album (cf. “L’Amour Est Géométrique”). The French electro-pop formation introduced their eight full length album by the single “Quelque Chose S’Efface”, released by the end of 2019. Notice by the way there also is a limited edition of this album featuring an extra disc (EP).

Content: If you’re familiar with the electro-pop project Celluloide, you will immediately recognize their robotic sound treatments carried with dry kicks and snares. Singer ‘Darkleti’s sterile way of singing is another essential aspect of the band’s trademark. The songs are mobbing in between dreamy, astral-like electro-pop and a few harder cuts, which are more into the body-pop vein. Next to the already familiar “Quelque Chose S’efface” you’ll discover 9 more songs in the truest Celluloide-vein.

+ + + : What I especially appreciate and even admire in this band’s work is the very own sound-DNA they’ve created. Once you’ve heard Celluloide, you’ll always keep it in mind. The robotic electro –which some will probably link to Kraftwerk, together with the French vocals, are immediately recognizable. Sound-wise I once more got seduced by the typical bleeping arrangements revealing a vintage flavor. I’ve a preference for the ‘harder’ cuts carried by danceable, dry kicks. Both debut songs are worthy of examination, but I also have to mention the more poppy-sounding “Poème Mécanique” and the instrumental-driven “Modulation De Fréquence”. Last, but not least I also have to say a word about the artwork of this CD format, which looks sober (as usual), but still styled.

– – – : The band’s main strength also became the little disappointment about this work. It’s true that you immediately recognize the band, but the songs rapidly start to get predictable. The sound formula hasn’t changed over the years and maybe they don’t have to change it, but the magic is a bit gone. I’m also missing a true hit!

Conclusion: Celluloide remains a great project, but this album is definitely not their best exposure in their discography. It however remains interesting electro-pop music.

Best songs: “Poème Mécanique”, “Si Tu Renonces”, “Boucle Infinie”, “Modulation De Fréquence”. 

Rate: (7).

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