Death Loves Veronica returns with all new 2-track single ‘Deception’ – check it out here

By Aug 18,2021

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Death Loves Veronica returns with all new 2-track single'Deception' - check it out here

San Antonio, Texas based dark wave act Death Loves Veronica is back with an all new 2-track EP, “Deception”. “Deception” holds one song, “Fuck Like Me”, composed and recorded by Nero Bellum (Psyclon Nine, Not My God) and a b-side, “Pleaser”, recorded by Death Loves Veronica and mastered by Nero.

“Deception” is available for pre-order and will officially release on August 31. You can check out the release right below.

About Death Loves Veronica

Death Loves Veronica is the project by Veronica Campbell who has composed and performed music for several years with post- punk, and deathrock acts. This solo project includes semi-modular and analog synthesizers, guitars, and experimental methods to give a dark electronic feel reminiscent of the 80s and 90s electronic post-industrial/new wave movement.

A first album was released in 2018, “Vampiros Electric”, followed by “Lucid Dreams” in 2020 via Swiss Dark Nights. In between a string of singles were released as well.

After releasing the album “Chemical” through Cold Transmission Campbell started work with several artists from the dark electronic scene to record material. The single/EP “Deception” is the result of one of those collaborations, this time with Nero Bellum.

The collaboration with a second artist is currently in production.


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