Damascus Knives – Would You Feel Safer If You Carried A Gun (EP – Squarewav)

By Oct 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Technoid.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Damascus Knives is a project driven by David Christian (Cervello Elettronico, owner of Squarewav ao). This is a new EP featuring four songs.

Content: The songs are mainly driven by retro 90s EBM with some extra influences like Acid sequences and Techno arrangements on top. You’ll notice some fragmented kind of vocals. The main source of inspiration is however EBM-like and takes off with 2 danceable cuts. We next get a darker and somewhat tormented like “Why Not Accept Me” while the title cut is the last track of the EP. 

+ + + : The retro EBM elements aren’t new but the originality hides in the mix with Technoid influences. It also is the kind of music that might appeal for Electroclash lovers. I have a preference for the darker minded “Why Not Accept Me”. This project also confirms David Christian is a musician able to transform himself from one band to another. Next to Cervello Elettronico, Damascus Knives is for sure my favorite project this artist is involved with.

– – – : There’s no real song to throw away, but I have to admit the title track is not my favorite.

Conclusion: Damascus Knives is a cool project revealing a more retro-EBM direction by the Cervello Elettronico instigator.

 Best songs: “Why Not Accept Me”, “What’s Your Poison”.

Rate: (8).




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