Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx – Broken Galaxies (Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Oct 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, IDM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Broken Galaxies” is a collaborative work between Andreas Davids (mainly known from Xotox) and Sven Phalanx (Schattenspiel, Schwarzwald). Their common interest for Ambient music resulted into this album featuring eight songs.

Content: “Broken Galaxies” is a pure Ambient production composed with electronics. The opening track has an IDM approach, but the next tracks are clearly exploring Ambient fields, sometimes carried by slow rhythms. Some passages are pretty mysterious, creating some visual appeal.

+ + + : This album has something surprising especially if you know the ‘hard’ industrial approach of Andreas Davids as Xotox. But this musician feels comfortable playing different Electronic genres and has found a partner in crime with Sven Phalanx. You feel there’s a true fusion between both artists. The tracks are well-crafted, featuring subtle sound treatments, but still intelligent passages like the opening track “A Galaxy Unknown”. I like the delicacy of this work. “Black Hole” is without a shadow of a doubt the masterpiece of this work.

– – – : Infacted Recordings fans will be surprised discovering this production, which sounds definitely apart from the roster’s music. The album is entertaining, but maybe missing a few more highlights.

Conclusion: “Broken Galaxies” is a surprising, but fully enjoyable work if you’re into Ambient electronics.

Best songs: “Black Hole”, “A Galaxy Unknown”, “Far From Home”.

Rate: (7).

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