Dahlia’s Tear – Across The Shifting Abyss (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Mar 13,2020

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Genre/Influences:  Dark-cinematographic, dark-ambient. 

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Swedish ambient musician Anile D. is striking back with the sixth full length album of his Dahlia’s Tear project. It’s the second work released by Cryo Chamber while some of you might remember his “Dreamsphere” album released in 2012 by the now defunct Cold Meat Industry. This opus embarks the listener on an imaginary trip ‘from the abyss to the portal of the stars. Come drown in ancient knowledge and technology at the end of humanity’s beginning…’.

Content: The album features 9 cuts taking off with an overwhelming mix of drones, cinematic atmospheres, dark sound waves and some delicate electronic treatments. It in a way perfectly symbolizes the entire album. There’s an anguishing, but dreamy sensation emerging from the tracks, which from time to time –but definitely for the last track, are moving crescendo to an apocalyptic vision. Even if you feel there’s a danger nearby the album has something relaxing, like revealing a dark prosperity.

+ + + : I feel a strong sensitive aspect emerging at the surface of this album. It feels a bit like the composer wants to share his most inner thoughts and visions with his audience. The secret lies in little details adding refinement and elegance to the work. There are numerous beautiful passages running through the work, but especially the very last cut (cf. “A Pale Shroud Of Time”) is a brilliant exposure of this artist’s composing skills. This track is also more elaborate than the others so there’s no better final.

– – – : Dahlia’s Tear is not exactly innovating and that’s maybe a bit symbolic for Cryo Chamber, but on the other side “Across The Shifting Abyss” is a meaningful work.

Conclusion: It’s intriguing to realize that dark, frightening music production can also illustrate grace and beauty! This is an album I highly recommend to all lovers of cinematic experiences.

Best songs: “A Pale Shroud Of Time”, “The Wreck Of The Forgotten”, “Sidereal Gardens”, “Celestial Bodies”.

Rate: (8).




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