Contaminated Intelligence – The Day Before… (CD Album – Contaminated Intelligence)

By Jul 2,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Background/Info: American duo Jourdan Turner – Rick Mitchell aka Contaminated Intelligence are back on track unleashing a CD with seven songs. It rather looks as a mini-album instead of a real full length. I discovered this formation by their previous works released on Two Gods (label of Martin Bowes) Attrition).

Content: The album takes off with an intro followed by 6 new songs. Contaminated Intelligence clearly focused on the EBM style, which rapidly reminds me of early Frontline Assembly. It’s an elaborated composition featuring dark atmospheres and spooky vocals.

+ + + : The FLA style remains a true reference when composing EBM. Contaminated Intelligence has found the ‘intelligence’ to accomplish a sophisticated production mixing danceable cuts with overwhelming atmospheres. The ghost-like vocals only accentuate the darker side of the work.

– – – : The main point that hurts is the global mixing and mastering of the album. It doesn’t sound that professional, which is maybe intentional to get this typical retro-feeling. I think it ruins a part of the efforts both members have put in this composition.

Conclusion: Contaminated Intelligence are great composers, but they now need to improve their skills as producers. This album needs a talented producer and I’m sure the result will be different. 

Best songs: “I Want You”, “Distress”.

Rate: (7).



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