Collaborative album for Jean-Marc Lederman Experience: ‘Letters To Gods (and fallen angels)’ incl. a massive list of vocalists

By Jun 9,2020

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Collaborative album for Jean-Marc Lederman Experience:'Letters To Gods (and fallen angels)' incl. a massive list of vocalists

Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen, Fad Gadget, The The, Ghost & Writer, Lederman-Demeyer) has released a new release under the Jean-Marc Lederman Experience moniker. With this project he calls up singers from different niches and countries to write lyrics and sing them on a common theme. The end result is then being packaged in a 2CD 36 pages hardcover art book with artwork and pictures by Erica Hinyot.

2019 saw the release of “13 Ghost Stories”, and now he offers “Letters To Gods (and fallen angels)” including performances from 21 different singers, from the USA to Italy, Mexico or Wales. The concept this time is very topical in this strange reset time: “You can write a letter to a God, or a fallen angel. What do you say?”

This time, the artists are:

  • Agi Taralas (Our Banshee, Greece)
  • Emma Barson (Promenade Cinema, UK)
  • Ghost & Writer with cello by Jo Quail (Germany/Belgium UK)
  • Mari Kattman (Helix, USA)
  • JP Aston with backing vocals by Julianne Regan (Gene Loves Jezebel/Wales All About Eve/UK
  • Coline Wauters (Atome, Belgium)
  • Christina Z (comics Witchblade writer, Magnesium Burn/USA)
  • Das Vintage (Mexico)
  • Lucia Fairfull (Lusca And The Best Boys/ Scotland)
  • Stefan Netschio (Beborn Beton/Germany)
  • Hunter S. Thompson (Writer, USA)
  • Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera/Stalingrad Valkyrie Italy)
  • Tom Shear (Assemblage 23/ Helix USA)
  • Mark Hockings (MESH/ UK)
  • Jenna Fearon (USA)
  • Emileigh Rohn (Chiasm/USA)
  • Miriam Christina (The Other Side Of Who, 580 Miles/ Germany)
  • Haydn Park-Patterson (The Ninth Wave/ Scotland)
  • Rodney Orpheus (The Cassandra Complex/ EU)
  • Louise Fraser (USA)
  • Lis van den Akker (Holland)
  • Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip/ Denmark)
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (Patrimonia Universal de la Humanidad)
  • With 3 novels by:
  • Christina Z. (comics Witchblade writer, Magnesium Burn/USA)
  • Ceratomia (USA)
  • Philippe Genion (à;GRUMH /Belgium)

Check the previews below.



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