Cold Storm – Stealth Punk / Chicago 1928 (CD Album – Bunker 50 Produktions)

By Nov 11,2018

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Genre/Influences: Body-pop, future-pop, EBM.

Background/Info: Set up in 2015 by German duo Mad Tax – Cem Bergerac, Cold Storm has now released their official debut album revealing 12 cuts.

Content: This work covers different electronic influences. Taking off a rather future-pop inspired way they’re next exploring hard-danceable body-pop music and are getting pretty close to pure EBM at the final part of their work. “Stealth Punk / Chicago 1928” is an album to make you dance.

+ + + : This debut work clearly sounds as a mature and accomplished production. There are great sound treatments running through this album. I personally liked the crystalline tones and refined, icy bleeping sequences. I also have to say a word about the vocals’ production, revealing a somewhat monotonous, but charismatic singer. Cold Storm perfectly knows how to get people dancing and there is several attention grabbers featured at their album.

– – – : I’m less convinced by a few softer tracks while the EBM-driven ones are cool, but I think they here can do better.

Conclusion: Cold Storm is a real discovery and I fully enjoyed listening to this eclectic electronic album, which I think might catch the attention of a diversified audience.

Best songs: “Lie And Deny Yourself”, “Domination Rules”, “Second Lie”, “Slave Mantra”, “Coming Out”, “Escape”.

Rate: (7½)


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