Climax Denial – Dehumanizing Environments (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)

By Dec 20,2015

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Genre/Influences: Death-industrial & ambient.

Climax DenialContent: Climax Denial has already been active in the wider fields of industrial music for years now and can look back on a serious discography. Most of their releases were on the good-old cassette format, which is a real intriguing element. It not only evokes good souvenirs, but today it appears to be total underground music.

Joining an established and praised label like Malignant Records, the project set up by Alex Kmet will for sure get a wider exposure. All I can say is that this 2nd CD album really deserves your attention if you’re in search of great and chilling sound atmospheres.

The work features 4 poignant and disturbing cuts, which takes off with the master track “The Womb As Vestibule”. The track reveals a phenomenal, vibrating production made by furious sound manipulations. A dark and resonating sound wave will progressively invade all the space to get you in its evil web of buzzing noises. This track reveals to be a dangerous sonic weapon, which has the power to terrorize innocent mortals. But that’s precisely an important item to speak about a successful darker release dealing with industrial and ambient.

The album moves on a similar, tormenting way. Climax Denial is not exactly the kind of music that will make you feel good. This is a production with a visual appeal, which is progressively emerging from the torturing sound sculptures.

A few spoken vocals, which immediately give you the impression of being faced by a ghost, come through on “Environments For Paranoid Necrotic Masturbation”. The title also reveals the deranged kind of themes and influences this band is inspired by. Deep sound blasts come through and I can assure you when played at maximum volume you’ll hear the windows trembling. The sound remains dark and extremely low-like.

The final cut also reveals a fascination of this artist to experiment and manipulate sounds. It’s not just a stereo-typical composition mixing elements of industrial and ambient music, but it also stands for dark and fascinating treatments.

Conclusion: There’s no better introduction than “Dehumanizing Environments” to get an idea about the evil sound potential of Climax Denial. This is a great opus maleficum, which sounds like touched by the hand of the devil!

Best songs: “The Womb As Vestibule”, “Fingering Dead Ashes As Evidence”

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