‘Click Interview’ with kFactor: ‘kFactor Is My Antihero’

By Mar 13,2016

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kFactorkFactor is a Brazilian band set up by Junior (Jr). Electro Aggression Records introduced his debut album “Ghastly Monolith” (2015) as inspired by the good-old Belgian electro scene. I for sure noticed late 80s and mainly 90s influences reminding me to influential bands like Clock DVA, FLA and X Marks The Pedwalk.

“Ghastly Monolith” is not the kind of furious EBM production, but an intelligent work filled with overwhelming and haunting atmospheres. I get in touch with Jr to get a bit more info about his work.

(by Inferno Sound Diaries)

Q: How would you briefly introduce kFactor and tell us something about your background as musician?

Jr: Well kFactor is my ‘antihero’ and my opposite. I’m using kFactor to express my unusual musical formation.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your main sources of inspiration and a possible link with late 80s and 90s EBM?

Jr: This is really funny. For sure I listen to all great names of EBM from 25 till 30 years ago, but I can’t say that those bands are directly influencing my music. I can’t even say I’ve a big influence.

Q: What kind of album did you’ve in mind when starting the composition of “Ghastly Monolith” and how do you look back at the remix-disc?

Jr: There’s no real ‘big’ influence on “Ghastly Monolith”. I always have tried to do something different, but always in between dark-electro, EBM and industrial. I’m dealing with a blend of styles and I know many bands are exactly doing the same, but I tried to inject my own ideas on the album.

The remix-disc is a space point of this blend, which is more usual and more common-like although in the kFactor style.

Q: What are the plans and purposes for the next few months?

Jr: I’m actually working on a new double-CD and looking out for new live shows. I want and need to play more in Europe. Right now I’ve a lot of work achieving all songs for the new album so I’m going through crazy days, but I like it. I’ve to find the right balance between writing songs and doing live shows.

Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries



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