Cleopatra to release ‘Leaether Strip: The Zoth Ommog Years 1989-1999’

By Nov 24,2020

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Cleopatra to release'Leaether Strip: The Zoth Ommog Years 1989-1999'

Cleopatra Records has announced the forthcoming release of “Leaether Strip: The Zoth Ommog Years 1989-1999”, a boxed set featuring 10 individually packaged CDs with original artwork and rare bonus material. This limited edition collection showcases the output of projects helmed by Claus Larsen when being signed to the German label Zoth Ommog with both Leaether Strip and Klutae.

This collection will hold 148 tracks along with a 16-page booklet filled with rare photos as well as liner notes by Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch, Executive Slacks, NØIR). The set will reach the shops on December 4th and will also be available via all digital and streaming platforms.

About Leaether Strip

The Danish musical project Leaether Strip was founded in January, 1988 by Claus Larsen. Its influence has been most felt in the electronic body music and electro-industrial genres.

Leæther Strip was one of the earliest and most prominent acts on Germany’s now defunct Zoth Ommog record label. For distribution outside of Europe, the music has been licensed to the U.S. labels Cleopatra Records and Metropolis Records.

After the demise of Zoth Ommog in 1999, Larsen signed to Bloodline Records, which only released a single before also going out of business. In 2005, Leæther Strip signed with the Belgian-based label Alfa Matrix until 2011.


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