Clavius – Nebula (CD Album – Marbre Negre)

By Mar 19,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape, experimental.

Background/Info: I didn’t receive any information about Clavius and there’s not much to find on the net. All I could found is that it concerns a Spanish new-coming project, which unleashed its debut album during 2016. “Nebula” seems to be inspired by the famous “2001. A Space Odyssey” and other books of Arthur C. Clark. Notice by the way that this CD-format released as CDR in a transparent DVD box is strictly limited to 30 (!) copies.

Content: “Nebula” is an appropriated title perfectly reflecting the space theme of Arthur C. Clark. I’m always wondering how such a subject can be adapted into music. Clavius deals with an extreme sonic format, which is based upon dark-ambient music mixed with noise waves and other industrial sound treatments.

The work comes close to a soundscape or should I say a ‘noisescape’. Most of the tracks are quite long and even going over 20 minutes. There’s a slow progression, which now and then ends into a sonic cataclysm.

+ + + : Clavius doesn’t compose the usual and stereotypical dark-ambient format. The music is more extreme, less accessible and definitely into pure underground. That’s an aspect I like. “Nebula” is a tormented production, which reaches a climax on “Rama”. There’s a kind of nearby disaster atmosphere hanging over this cut. It’s pretty freaky revealing the somewhat visual strength of this composition.

– – – : I think there are several elements that can be improved. The main point that hurts me is the long duration and endless sonic corridors running through a few cuts. In the long run it starts to get a bit to get repetitive and monotonous. “Nebula” is not the kind of work, which is accessible for a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Nebula” is a tremendous experience revealing a tortured approach in dark-ambient music. I’m sure this formation will find a selected and erudite audience.

Best songs: “Rama”, “Pillars Of Creation”.

Rate: (6).

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