Destruktionsanstalt – Swedenborg (CD Album – Marbre Negre)

By Mar 19,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, death-industrial, experimental.

Background/Info: Danish artist Per Najbjerg Odderskov has released an impressive number of productions under different monikers and in a real short lapse of time. “Swedenborg” was released during 2016 and was already the 3rd full length in less than 2 years. The CD format is strictly limited to 30 copies!

Content: Destruktionsanstalt mixes different music genres together. The result is a dark creation revealing overwhelming dark-ambient atmospheres, experimental treatments (like field recordings and/or samplings) plus impressive, heavy industrial sound treatments.

“Swedenborg” is pure terror made of monstrous sound manipulations. You’re invited to walk throughout endless corridors of fright. You’ll notice an impressive canvas of heavy sounds moving from crashes to thunder-like vibrations to pure nihilistic atmospheres.

+ + + : I like the visual strength emerging from this work. The opening cuts are overwhelming and just anguishing. “Decedens” is one of the first highlights, but I also have to mention the somewhat more experimental “Halitus”. The impressive spectrum of noises is perfectly executed on “Immortalis Tristitia” while “Coma” is another major cut of the album. A few, discrete ghost-like vocals reinforce the frightening sphere hanging over “Swedenborg”. This is an album that can’t leave you unmoved.

– – – : Some cuts are a bit too experimental for my taste. They’re like taking the visual appeal of the work away. You have to be an insider to fully enjoy this extreme sonic sensation.

Conclusion: “Swedenborg” is an album that will for sure defy your resistance when getting exposed to a heavy and tormenting sound experience. Horror just is a teaser to what you will endure listening to “Swedenborg”.

Best songs: “Decedens”, “Coma”, “Halitus”, “Misericordia”.

Rate: (7).


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