Circumpolar – We Will Remain (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Feb 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, industrial, electronic, ambient.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Circulpolar recently joined the Belgian ‘matrix’ re-releasing their debut-EP “Until The End Of Time”. “We Will Remain” has been released the same day (on the 5th of December) and features five new songs.

Content: Compared to “Until The End Of Time”, this EP sounds even more elaborate, and also more rhythmic. The Swedish duo has accomplished a compact fusion between intelligent sound treatments, dark atmospheres and slow rhythms. The songs have been achieved with fine, tickling bleeps reminding me of Benestrophe and Mentallo & The Fixer. The sterile atmospheres and cadence comes closer to the genius of bands such as Clock DVA and Haujobb. The songs have been progressively built up, slowly reaching a true sound orgasm.

+ + + : This second EP sounds more mature and accessible although it remains a sophisticated work, which is hard to define. But it first of all is the result of a creative process and intelligent writing revealing a promising, genius formation. The sources of inspiration have something retro-like, but clearly adapted into a modern and even avant-garde, icy perception. This work has been composed with an impressive sound canvas of endless little noises and effects. Bombast and refinement both come together in a poignant sonic manifesto, which I hope will be the start of a successful career.

– – – : Complexity might be Circumpolar’s enemy as most of the electro heads still seem to enjoy easy, repetitive standards. This work is a challenge!

Conclusion: Circumpolar was maybe the missing link at Alpha Matrix. This band brings something the label hasn’t been used to releasing over the years. Circumpolar is the talented sonic child from renowned parents like Clock DVA, Haujobb and Mentallo & The Fixer!

Best Songs: “In A Distant Sky” , “Lost In Time” .

Rate: (9).


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