Child of Night release quarantine performance ‘Live from Lockdown’

By Jun 5,2020

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Child of Night release quarantine performance'Live from Lockdown'

With the live music scene in a physical stand still due to nationwide shut downs, experimental electronic act Child of Night enter the growing field of live streamed performances with the release of “Live from Lockdown”. Being from two different states (Pennsylvania and Ohio) during nationwide shelter in place orders, the artists achieved the difficult task of giving their audience the live show feel at home by using some deceptive video editing techniques.

J.Thompson explains the challenges encountered to deliver a complete performance: “The process was somewhat difficult, but less so than you might think….I recorded myself playing the backing track and then sent that recording to T. Wolfe who then recorded and took video of himself performing over the backing track. We then took the raw footage and edited it together giving the illusion of us together in one room. The recording itself is all one take, so we could make it feel as much like an actual live performance as humanly possible given the circumstances.”

The live performance premiered on May 15 on the Strict Tempo live stream hosted via Vox Sinistra out of Seattle. The performace can be see below.

About Child of Night

Hailing from Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, Child of Night is an experimental electronic duo comprised of J. Thompson and T. Wolfe. Established in 2017 as a part of the current analog darkwave revival, Child of Night has since established a new sound more akin to today’s European Pop scene than anything released in the 1980s. Child of Night stand out with an intense multi-media live show and more time spent on songwriting than worrying about a “Goth” image.


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