Centhron – Dystopia (CD Album – Dark Dimensions / Scanner)

By Aug 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: German Centhron has already been active since 2001 and this year unleashed their eight official studio album. The main source of inspiration is around ‘dystopia’, which in a way became the symbol of the world actually living in.

Content: The sound and influences on “Dystopia” are easily recognizable. Centhron is one of those ‘pure’ dark-(h)electro formations, which don’t make real compromises. The songs are harsh and ultra-danceable while led by heavy, distorted vocals (still sung in German) and carried by traditional icy leads. There clearly is a serious part of rage emerging from the album. One of the songs (cf. “Blut Unserer Mütter”) is featuring female vocals, which injects a softer touch to the enraged tracklist.

+ + + : Centhron didn’t change their winning sound formula and simply moves on there where previous works stopped. “Dystopia” is an extremely dark and heavy production, which will be pleased by the dark-electro community. There are several dancefloor cuts featured at the album, but I’ll especially keep the title song in mind, which clearly sounds as their latest potential hit. The songs are well-crafted and revealing a considerable improvement compared to the earlier –although promising, work of the band.

– – – : Some of the leads are a bit easy- and cliché like.

Conclusion: Centhron became a recognized and established band, which on “Dystopia” reinforce their status of ‘dark dance-ogre’!

Best songs: “Dystopia”, “Rabenschwarz”, “Blut Unserer Mütter”, “Sieg Oder Untergang”.

Rate: (8).





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