Camecrude – Enclave II-II (Album – Cioran Records)

By Apr 15,2021

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Genre/Influences: Ritual, Trance, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: Camecrude is a French solo-project set up in 2017 by Valentin Laborde. He’s a hurdy-gurdy player who also plays other instruments. “Enclave II-II” was released by the end of 2020 and is the second album by Camacrude. The work is inspired by so-called ‘pessimist writers’, which is also the interest of the label Cioran Records. This album features two discs for a total amount of thirteen tracks.

Content: Defining the work of Camecrude is a true tour de force! There’s no specific and established music style, which can precisely describe the sound of Valentin Laborde. The tracks feature different influences, which are mixing Ritual-, Trance-, Dark-Ambient-, Abstract-, Cinematographic- and Experimental music together. The global atmosphere hanging over the work is extremely dark and constantly reinforced by Noise-loops, crashing effects and cavernous voices. A few guests contributed to the achievement of the album and especially the female voices created a very intriguing touch.

+ + + : I like the constant haunting atmosphere running through this work, which is meticulously mixed with Ritual elements. The composition is elaborated while the tracks are moving crescendo to reach a kind of total sonic mayhem. The first disc already features great cuts, but the second disc is even better. “La Jambe Crue” and “Broishami” both are brilliant illustrations of dark- and nihilistic music. There’s a terrific lead running through “Broishami”, which sounds like pure horror and I perfectly imagine this kind of music for a totally gore/terror movie. I get the feeling the main strength of this project is the use of real instruments, which have been mixed with field recordings. 

– – – : Camecrude is not exactly the most accessible work so you definitely have to be a bit familiar with some dark and tormenting productions to fully enjoy “Enclave II-II”.

Conclusion: Camecrude is a great discovery dealing with the darkest side of life and music.

Best songs: “Broishami”, “La Jambe Crue”, “Les Sorts: A La Tèrra Volatz”, “Anathème”, “Les Maux: Minja Los Que Non Te Mingen”.

Rate: (8).




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