Brainquake – A Fronte Praecipitium, A Tergo Lupi (Album – Camembert Electrique)

By Jun 4,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Dark-Electro, Ambient.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Belgian Brainquake project has been driven by Marc Ceulemans since the late 80s – and who has been involved with countless projects, Psych Krist Kastrator being probably the most renowned. This new album features six songs.The Latin title can be translated as ‘a precipice in front, wolves behind’…

Content: Marc Ceulemans has great experience with Industrial- and related music genres. It remains an important basis in the composition of this new work, but you also will notice Dark-Electronic sequences reminding me of the atmosphere of The Klinik. The tracks have a retro feeling, which also comes through in the icy leads. The songs are instrumental edits –sometimes mixed with spooky samplings, which have been progressively built up and are all moving in between 6 and 9 minutes.

+ + + : I’m impressed by the creative spirit of the artist who after all these years and an endless number of releases, still has this creative fire to compose great music. It’s a unique production although featuring familiar influences. I especially like the phenomenal icy leads running through “Vae Soli” and “Deiecta Oculus”. Production wise I also have to mention the opening track “Fata Obstant” featuring overwhelming sound blasts and great stereo effects.

– – – : The single deception about this work is the last track, which is less inspired, more sounding like an outro.

Conclusion: This is a great and artistic underground production, which definitely deserves a wider attention. Rough and intelligent Industrial music with a retro-futuristic approach.

Best songs: “Vae Soli”, “Deiecta Oculus”, “Fata Obstant”.

Rate: (8).




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