Bornless Fire – Arcanum (CD Album – Metropolis)

By Aug 4,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, industrial.

Background/Info: Bornless Fire is a new electronic music project set up and driven by Dawn Of Ashes front man Kristof Bathory. The debut work “Arcanum” (still available as a digital ‘deluxe’ edition featuring extra remixes) is a kind of move back to dark-electro fields.

Content: “Arcanum” is the right work to set dark-electro dancefloors on fire. There’s this obscure and tormented dark electro sound mixed with the artist’s harsh vocals. It sounds pretty doom-like while also reminding the coldness of Suicide Commando and co. The songs have been supported with impressive strings.

Both last songs are remixes by Tactical Sekt and Suicide Commando.

+ + + : You directly will notice this album has been composed by an experienced artist. The songs are sophisticated and well-crafted, featuring all requested ingredients to get a great dark-electro work. The power emerges from the tormented atmospheres and doom passages. The harsh vocals only accentuate the suffocating feeling you might experience. The strings hanging over the songs are somewhat old-school like, but simply brilliant. A              very last, but essential aspect of the work is the industrial input, which you can hear in some crashing percussion sounds and arrangements. Last, but not least I have to mention a great remix by Tactical Sekt and the one by Suicide Commando is a very cool last song.

– – – : The only single reproach I can think about is that Bornless Fire doesn’t add anything new to a music genre, which is repeating itself.

Conclusion: “Arcanum” is a hard and captivating debut work by Bornless Fire. Let’s now wait if Kristof Bathory will move on with this project, but I sincerely hope “Arcanum” is not a ‘one-shot’ release.

Best songs: “Becoming The Divine”, “Feel The Rage”, “RUNA”, “The Miserable Image Of Abrahamic Slavery”, “Eclipse Of The Soul – Tactical Sekt Remix”.

Rate: (8).


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