Blush Response – Void In (Album – Megastructure_)

By Sep 23,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, techno, industrial.

Format: Digital, Vinyl (2×12”).

Background/Info: American artist Joey Gonzalez moved to Berlin (Germany). This artist has released a considerable number of productions on labels such as Sonic Groove, Ant-Zen, Basic Unit Productions, Aufname + Wiedergabe ao, but finally set up his own label Megastructure_ to unleash his newest work “Void In”.

Content: “Void In” might enter into the artist’s discography as one of the most experimental works of Blush Response. Most of the songs are carried by techno driven kicks, but all sounds and noises around are clearly revealing an experimental approach. Some passages are moving to more familiar industrial-techno fields while I also noticed totally abstract-like atmospheric parts, which are somewhat cinematic like. This work has something versatile, like the artist wanted to exorcise his sonic ideas and put it in an experimental-noisy style.

+ + + : Blush Response is a true sound architect, the kind of artist transforming his studio into a sonic lab. Music becomes alchemy, a kind of visionary side upon the future. This music is losing connection with techno music, but appears to be a true fusion between different genres. It’s the kind of work that needs several listens to start catching the artist’s approach… and honestly I’m not sure to have caught it all. You might compare this to reading a book about quantum physics… you can seize a few things, but not the totality. But that makes the genius of this noise guru and the fascination for “Void In”.

– – – : You already might have understood this album is ‘difficult music’, the kind of production for initiates. Some passages are truly experimental and even a bit cacophonous (cf. “Physics As A Weapon”).

Conclusion: The common element about genius artists is that they aren’t often understood. “Void In” perfectly symbolizes this thought.

Best songs: “Chiralium”, “The Second Aethyr”, “Slamhound”.

Rate: (7½).




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