Blume – Ashes (CD Album – WTII Records)

By May 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, electro-pop.

Background/Info: Blume is an Italian trio, which released their debut album “Rise From grey” in 2010 on the defunct A Different Drum. They next joined hands together with WTII Records unleashing “Autumn Ruins” in 2013. “Ashes” is their third album, which has been released by the end of 2018.

Content: Getting back with a new opus after a hiatus of five years is not an easy thing, but “Ashes” will definitely appeal for all lovers of electro/future-pop music. It’s a powerful composition mixing astral influences together with hard, danceable beats. The vocals of Enrico Filisetti are pretty charismatic, which creates a right balance with the power-pop sound of the band. “Ashes” sounds as the imaginary fusion between Covenant, Syrian and Neuroticfish.

+ + + : This ‘come-back’ truly sounds as a real tour de force. This is great and modern future-pop music carried by mature song writing, carrying melody lines and ultra-danceable vibes. On top of it all you’ll discover a great vocals production. Even if this album is ultra power-pop driven I also noticed an accomplished, emotional-like song (cf. “Desolation Road”). But as I said I prefer the danceable side and recommend the somewhat darker “Nightmare”. There’re some superb, naughty sound treatments running through this song.

– – – : The only single reproach I can imagine is the somewhat repetitive sound- and song formula.

Conclusion: I remember the more hesitant debut album from Blume. It was not that bad, but “Ashes” clearly sounds as their most accomplished work to date. This is great and refreshing future-pop music!

Best songs: “Nightmare”, “Scarlet”, “Iron Age”, “Desolation Road”.

Rate: (8).


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