Going To Catalunya – Going To Catalunya (CD Album – Echozone)

By May 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, soundtrack, acoustic-pop.

Background/Info: This self-titled album is part of the art project ‘Natural Synergy. It features a video, which is a roadtrip from Holland to Spain, paintings, a book and music. I got the opportunity to discover the music composed by Rob Keyzer and Frank Weyzig.

Content: The music feels a bit like a roadtrip; it has something dreamy-like and sounds sweet. I’m not surprised the album can be seen as a metaphor for love, friendship and being on the lookout for beauty and the meaning of life. You can feel this sensation emerging from the melancholic passages, the delicate arrangements and acoustic play –mainly piano and guitar, and especially the dreamy passages. The lyrical content also has something of a voyage.

+ + + : There’re a few beautiful songs featured at this album. “Yellow Synergy” and “Easy” both are absolute sonic jewels, when it comes to artistic beauty. “The Search” is another essential song for the guitar play and the final part revealing a great synthesizer passage.

– – – : The album features 11 songs and globally speaking I really enjoyed most of the tracks. Just like on most albums there’re also a few less convincing and avoidable tracks featured.

Conclusion: The name of this project is an invitation to travel and that’s precisely what the music sounds like; a peaceful and prosper experience.

Best songs: “Yellow Synergy”, “Easy”, “The Search”, “Going To Catalunya”.

Rate: (7).


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