Blood Rhythms – Civil War (Album – No Part Of It)

By May 5,2020

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Genre/Influences: Power-electronics, death-industrial, experimental, industrial, noise.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Blood Rhythms is driven by American  artist Arvo Zylo. Blood Rhythms is meant as ‘an ongoing and constantly morphing collective’. “Civil War” was released by the end of 2019, but the work was conceived over the past ten years and features numerous guests.

Content: “Civil War” mainly sounds like a rough sonic collage. It all sounds like an improvisation, but with an explicit passion for sound manipulations and noises.  The A side is the hardest one, creating an imaginary sonic bridge between different music genres.  Heavy noises and vocal effects have been merged together creating a tormenting experience. The B-side is more industrial-driven.   

+ + + : What I first noticed is the outstanding, artistic work of this vinyl. It reflects the disturbing sensation of the music by the illustrations. And I here especially recommend the booklet where Arvo Zylo collaborated with a great artist (even featuring a taxidermist). Sound-wise this is the kind of production appealing to lovers of extreme sonic sensation. It’s minimal and often on the edge of being too extreme. It somewhere remains accessible. I personally prefer the tracks from the B-side, which have something more ‘industrial’-like. “The Face” appears to me as the ultimate cut featuring  commanding vocals and noticeable sound effects.

– – – : You really have to be familiar with minimal- and extreme sonic experiments to like this work. It’s not exactly the most accessible listening.

Conclusion: This is a brain-damaging sonic experiment illustrated by brilliant artwork!

Best songs: “The Face”, “Paris Window”, “Locked Away”.

Rate: (7).


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