Blind Delon – Discipline (CD Album – Unknown Pleasures Records)

By Jan 3,2020

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, experimental, cinematic-EBM.

Background/Info: Blind Delon is a French solo-project set up and driven by  Mathis Kolkoz. After having released multiple EP’s Blind Delon joined hands together with Unknown Pleasures Records to unleash the project’s debut full length album. Notice by the way the band becomes a trio when going on stage.

Content: I never heard of Blind Delon before and discovered an electro-minimal project devoted to vintage electro sounds. The songs progressively and meticulously built up. That’s precisely the structure from the opening song “Rule I”, which after about 7 minutes suddenly explodes into a harder cut. This way of working comes back on a few other cuts as well. The vocals are more used as an extra effect instead of classic vocals. Notice by the way Blind Delon invited a few guest singers. The work is not only minimal, it also reveals EBM elements while the result has something cinematic as well.

+ + + : The least I can say is that this work has something original. The sound appears to be the result of a fusion between different genres and influences. But the main strength is for sure the originality of the sound treatments, which is created by the magic of analogue sound treatments. The way the opening song has been built up, taking me by surprise with a sudden sonic eruption is absolutely great!

– – – : The work features 6 cuts and only the fifth one (cf. “Rule V” couldn’t convince me.

Conclusion: Despite of the great electronic treatments and minimalism, Blind Delon is not exactly the most accessible project although an original one!

Best songs: “Rule 1”, “Rule 6”, “Rule 2”.

Rate: (7½).




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