Balfa – Perfecta Analogia De La Decadencia (Digital Album – BLF Laboratory)

By Jan 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, IDM, glitch.

Background/Info: Balfa is a Spanish artist who has been inspired by his stay in Berlin. This album is the debut full length featuring fourteen cuts. The album is also available as double 12” vinyl.

Content: Balfa rapidly sounds like a sonic enigma. It’s nearly impossible to label the sound of this artist, which resulted from the fusion between multiple genres. The work takes off in a rather ambient way with an arsenal of noises on top. The next track sounds more into IDM while “Perfecta Analogia De La Decadencia” moves on exploring experimental- and glitch fields. The album next moves back into ambient and IDM while other passages feel like a total improvisation.

+ + + : The cover of the album has something surreal and that’s exactly the way this album sounds. It rather feels like an electronic pastiche, covering multiple influences, but with a real passion for sound creation and sonic manipulation. The sound canvas used for this work is absolutely impressive. I prefer the tracks revealing an IDM approach, but still the more refined and intelligent passages. “Tu Ansiedad Como Receta” and “Interludio Segundo” both are absolute masterpieces in the genre. I also enjoyed the opening track “Corredor Aéreo”.

– – – : The experimental side from this album is really present and not exactly the most accessible one.

Conclusion: I felt certain duality of styles, which is not always that convincing although the album reveals interesting tracks.

Best songs: “Tu Ansiedad Como Receta”, “Interludio Segundo”, “Corredor Aéreo”, “Y Lo Que Queda”.

Rate: (7).

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