Blakk Harbor – Krude (Vinyl 12” – Blakk Harbor)

By Sep 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, IDM.

Background/Info: Angelos Liaros was previously involved with Mobthrow. After this project experience the Greek artist set up Blakk Harbor. He last year took me by surprise, unleashing the debut album “Madares” on Ant-Zen, which became one of my absolute favorite albums from 2018. Blakk Harbor is now back on track releasing this 12” featuring six tracks.

Content: The sound and arrangements are rapidly recognizable through the sophisticated and well-crafted approach. Heavy, dark electronic blasts have been merged with industrial sound treatments while driven by droning beats. There also is an anguishing sphere recovering most passages of the work. I also noticed a more experimental cut (cf. “Pure Brutality”) while the last song is a remix by British producer Positive Centre.

+ + + : Blakk Harbor confirms its sound intelligence, transposing industrial music to the highest degree of sophistication and dance pleasure. It’s the perfect twist between IDM and industrial music with an experimental touch on top. Some sound arrangements became even more sophisticated than on “Madares” while the work also reveals great effects and a poignant dark sphere. Last, but not least there is also a cool remix at the end of the work.

– – – : I was less convinced by the more experimental approach of “Pure Brutality”, but there’s no reason to complain when all other cuts left are just great! Compared to “Madares” I’m just missing the tribal input, which was a noticeable element of the album.

Conclusion: I consider Blakk Harbor to be one of the most creative and visionary projects from the industrial/IDM scene. The debut album already was a truly masterpiece and this 12” only confirms the potential of Angelos Liaros.

Best songs: “Vitrol”, “Death By Drone”, “Necropolitics”, “Mass Hypnosis”, “Vitriol – Positive Centre Rmx”.

Rate: (8½).

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