Black Front – We March (Vinyl 12” – Corvus Records)

By May 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Black Front is a Turkish formation, that released a debut album (cf. “Unutulanlar”) in 2014 and, which has a new opus in the pipeline. This limited 123” edition features 2 tracks on the A-side and 2 remixes on the B-side.

Content: The main song “Death March” is a somewhat political song meant as a metaphor about the world we’re living in and terrible dramas people have to go through. The song is driven by industrial rhythms and menacing guitar riffs. The vocals are somewhat screaming-like. The next track is a little bit ‘softer’.

The B-side features a remix of “Death March” by Mytrip while another song has been remixed by Shrine. Both remixes are pure dark-ambient like and totally different from the A-side. 

+ + + : The industrial cadence, which is carrying “Death March”, is the main strength of this work. It creates a perfect balance with the guitar. Both dark-ambient remixes reveal a totally different style, but these songs have been masterly reworked. It also is a way to re-discover the great Bulgarian Shrine project –which released early material on Corvus Records and, next got some recognition when joining the Cyclic Law label.

– – – : There clearly is a different style between both sides of this disc. It feels a bit like two different bands, but that’s what you might expect from remixes.

Conclusion: A maxi is not always the best way to discover a band, but the industrial style Black Front has shown at “Death March” is interesting so I’m wondering how the next full length will sound like.

Best songs: “Death March”, “Death March – Remix Mytrip”.

Rate: (7).


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